Who is BERTHA?

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Although BERTHA is an acronym, it is also the name for the entire BIG process, from the gathering of hospital submitted data, development of industry files (both inventory accumulative and vendor based), and collection of the inventory counts to finalizing the deliverables. Each of these steps is very complex and detailed oriented. The initial “cleansing” of the original data consists of identifying duplicates, pricing issues and unit of measure variances which would cause the final valuation of the inventory to be incorrect. Although it may be impossible to find all issues, BERTHA is fantastic at eliminating many of these. All of this prepared data is loaded into BERTHA’s onsite inventory collection module where each of BIG’s Inventory Specialists use it to verify each of their entries to insure accuracy. Onsite BERTHA asserts complete control in the following fashion:

  • Establishing the scope perimeters by assigning BLID numbers to each and every rack, bin, cart or other storage location. This eliminates duplication and missing sections.
  • Verifies each entry against the files previously cleansed to insure accuracy. If an item is undocumented (UDI) in these files, BERTHA insures enough information is captured for searching in our industry files.
  • Displays the UOM strings for the BIG Inventory Specialists in case there is a question.
  • Organizes all data in an easy to follow audit trail for BIG’s internal Quality Control and for your internal/external auditors.
  • Constantly updates each Inventory Specialists’ onsite laptop with updated information about UDIs (Undocumented Items) from all other team member’s data. This reduces the amount of time repeating UDI supporting data.
  • Performs total data backup on extremely short intervals.
  • Provides periodic progress reports and summary reports.
  • Selects suspected errors based on algorithms and min/max values.

BERTHA searches through BIG’s industry files for matches of all UDIs and generates UDI Reports for your approval. After the completion of the onsite count, BERTHA begins the authentication, quality control and summarization processes. BERTHA assigns unique ID numbers to every line of information so BIG may support you for weeks after the completion of the count. In summary, 

Who is BERTHA? BERTHA is a composite of processes, software, systems, merhodologies and technologies allowing the BIG Inventory Team to deliver the highest quality inventory data quickly yet at extremely reasonable rates.


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