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A few words about BIG Inventory

Experience and Expertise

BIG Inventory Professional Hospital Inventory Service's founder has over 35 years experience in providing professional inventory services to industries as wide ranging as retail, defense, healthcare and manufacturing. Combining with a team of experienced professionals, their knowledge, skills, and standards of excellence in developing industry specific services and processes within the overall strictures of best practices in inventory management common to all industries, along with their commitment to ensuring that all customers are served by a well trained, quality focused team form the foundation upon which BIG Inventory's professional hospital inventory service is built. 

At BIG Inventory's professional hospital inventory service, we speak your language and feel your pain. Our entire team is dedicated to serving the hospital nventory needs of the healthcare industry. Running a hospital isn’t a side business and we don’t believe that auditing its inventory should be either. The impact of hospital inventory services on patient care, financial viability, and regulatory compliance make them too important to be sloughed off onto a team of amateurs stopping by on their way from the department store to the supermarket.

Best Value

Good, fast, cheap (pick any two). While that may be true, often those who say it follow it with a price that is three times their nearest competitor. BIG Inventory professional hospital inventory services provides top quality services at a price that is competitive with any service that has advanced beyond pencil and paper. How are we able to do that? It’s simpler than you might imagine. In addition to passing on the savings of using high quality people and technology, we don’t charge you for our margin of error in estimating our costs by insisting on a flat rate or for the thousands of dollars spent on sales visits to other hospitals that didn’t result in any billing.


BIG Inventory, Inc. sprang from Electronic Inventory Systems (EIS) which was founded in 1985.  EIS served retailers throughout the United States helping them acclimate from financial inventories to UPC based inventories.  Since 2007, the management of EIS became involved in hospital inventories, finding a tremendous unfulfilled need and eventually committing 100 percent of its resources to hospital inventories.  They developed a unique system called BERTHA (Bringing Employees, Resources and Technology to Hospital Audits) and named the company BIG Inventory, Inc. (BERTHA Implementation Group).

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A Complete Plan

30 days prior to the start of your physical inventory BIG works with you and your team to prepare and the support continues up to 30 days after your BIG Event.

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As part of the preparation process we hold a Web-Conference so your hospital staff understands everyone's role in your upcoming BIG Event.

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We work in hospitals

We appreciate the unique nature of the hospital environment and work quietly and unobtrusively--always keeping in mind a Patient First philosophy!

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No Headaches Approach

Once we arrive our BIG Project Manager will coordinate all activities to make your hospital inventory process smooth and efficient, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.

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