A Complete Plan for Success

BIG Inventory's Hospital Inventory Service begins preparing for your hospital inventory event well in advance of the scheduled start date.  BIG Inventory's IT Team receives your files as early as 30 days early to get the data ready to be installed in our system.  BIG Inventory utilizes this prepared data to validate against as the onsite BIG Inventory Team collects the inventory counts.  This reduces/eliminates many errors at the point of entry.  The BIG Inventory IT Team checks for duplications, UOM variances, pricing issues and more to insure "clean" data from the files you send.  These hospital files should include:

Two to three weeks prior to your scheduled inventory date, BIG Inventory will host a Webinar outling the expectations for your physical inventory event at your hospital.

When the BIG Inventory onsite Team arrives for your physical inventory count at your hospital, they will dress out, set up and begin counting immediately.  BIG Inventory validates each and every count entry against the Item Master data sent by your hospital in order to maintain accurate item detail.

After the count has been completed you can expect the detailed final reports from the BIG Inventory IT Team within 3-5 business days.  The BIG Inventory IT Team will support item detail updates up to 30 days after the count.

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